Pet hates part one – the fart

As a female I can cope with alot of things, there are just one or two bad habits that I really cannot abide.
One of these is the release of gasses from the anal region…. Farting.
Now im not talking about lifting a cheek when your alone and letting one go, im talking about the infuriating habit, particularly with the male species, of releasing gas when there are others in the vicinity.
It’s rude.
Stop it.
Most females that I know would rather not share the smell of thier bowels and remove themselves to do it privately.
Yes it is because we find it embarrassing but also out of respect for other people.
No one wants to smell the noxious odours of what your body has made of last night’s dinner thank you very much.
We don’t want to smell yours so we don’t share ours!
Yet our poor nostrils are constantly invaded by the rectal releases of the men in our life!
It is totally disrespectful and extremely rude!
My daughters father once farted whilst I was giving him a blow job… I tell you now the disgusting pig is lucky he still has a bell end.
There is not much that I class worse than being forced to smell someone elses shit particles wafting through the air.
And you guys seem to think it’s hilarious, yeah maybe it’s great fun when your with your boys to sit in a room that stinks like a sewer but ladies don’t like it, weather it’s because our delicate nasal cavities are more sensitive to bad smells or just because we find it horrendously disrespectful, it doesn’t matter.
What matters is it turns us off to such a degree that we would rather chop your nuts off than fondle them lovingly.
Many a woman has sat in a man’s stench while he pisses himself laughing and disappeared into her little fantasy world, where we indulge in violence and anal stabbings in retaliation to the torturous years of stinking and stenching we endure.
Respect those around you and remove yourself to another room to relieve the building gas, please, on behalf of all us girls sat here with the will to kill the next foulsome beast who does it, just stop.



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