How to please a woman in bed.

I have noticed a disturbing trend in the male population at either not having a clue or not caring about pleasing a woman in bed.
Alot of men seem to think they are sex gods when in fact “shit in bed” doesn’t even begin to cover it.
Why not ask your woman what she likes!
Now your lady may be a bit shy and upon being asked turn bright red, cover her face with her hands and refuse to discuss any further.
It’s ok dear ones, allow Auntie Fire to train you in the magical and rare talent of making your woman worship your sexual prowess.
Lesson One: Foreplay. Please do not assume that rubbing the general vaginal area roughly and a quick suck and squeeze of her breasts is enough to turn her on.
This seems to be the main technique used by men.
Take it from me…. It’s shit.
A womans body is a wonder land full of secret places to lick, kiss, suck and tickle in order to turn a woman on to such a point she will be begging for it in no time at all, trust me.
Each womans body is different, what works for one woman may not for another.
So I suggest some experimentation.
An example; treat your lady to an erotic massage, use your tongue, mouth and hands to discover her most sensitive spots, places she enjoys being touched and kissed.
Please dont stick to the same old boring places, yes we have boobs and yes we have a vagina but we also have necks, backs, butts, thighs and so on.
Lesson Two: Oral. What is it with you guys disliking performing oral on a woman but fully expecting her to suck you off every time there’s any sexual activity?
Here’s a hint boys, there are zero sexual nerve endings in a woman’s mouth, sucking your cock is not a sexually pleasurable experience.
It is pleasurable as far as pleasing our man is concerned but women rapidly take the view he doesn’t return the favour, he’s selfish in bed , he doesn’t deserve it and so the only pleasure we get from doing it vanishes.
Was your woman amazing at orally pleasing you but over time has become less, shall we say “enthusiastic” about it…. She probably resents doing it because you refuse to pleasure her the same way back.
Before you even think it, fingering a girl is NOT the same.
It’s the same difference between us rubbing you and sucking you.
There’s a huge difference, I think you’ll agree?
Treat a womans clit the same way you would like your penis treated.
Would you enjoy a woman licking or sucking just the tip of your cock?
Well we need more than that too.
You guys pull back the hood and only lick or lightly suck the bit underneath…. Stop it.
Get the whole god damn thing in your mouth and suck it.
Tongue fuck your woman’s pussy and lick her clean.
You don’t like it?
Tough shit mate, you want the best blow job of your life?
Then make that girl scream and I promise…. You will get massive rewards for your hard work.
Lesson Three: Anal.
Are you willing to have a dildo inserted into your anus in order to experience what you are asking your woman to do?
No? Are you sure??
Why the hell are you expecting your girl to have your penis shoved up there then?!
Believe it or not a womans anus is not meant to have anything inserted into it.
It was built as an exit and is meant to remain such.
Anal can be a pleasurable experience for both but it takes time and patience to achieve.
An anus needs to be trained slowly to accept larger and larger insertions.
You can buy butt training kits for this purpose or as follows is how you can do it for free.
Start with a little finger and gently massage the area ,insert the finger slowly and communicate with your loved one in order to determine if they are ok with the sensation.
Over a period of weeks or months depending on how comfortable your partner is with progressing to larger objects (index finger, middle finger, small clean carrot and so on) you can stretch the muscles in the rectum to comfortably accept your penis.
It could be the other way around and your woman wants to experiment in this area but you do not, in this situation there can be a happy compromise, such as anal beads or a small vibrator, she can insert these herself and you needn’t go anywhere near it!
Lesson Four: Romance! A woman enjoys being wooed, even after you have her, you guys need to work hard to KEEP her.
Please do not make the mistake of thinking now you have her you can sit back, relax and keep her forever.
We need to feel special, loved, appreciated.
The best way to show this are acts of romance, an intimate meal out for two, a candle lit bubble bath, a rose or simply get down on your knees and rub your woman’s aching feet.
The seduction process begins here.
A woman requires emotional stimulation as well as physical.
Show her she is adored and you may find those headaches that keep preventing your sex life being active will magically disappear.
Romance, love and appreciation are wonderful things to a woman.
Lesson Five: Pornography. Now this is something I hate beyond words.
Yes it is fine to watch porn and bust one out…. While you are single.
A woman WILL get upset if she finds you have been watching another, most likely more attractive, woman having sex.
It makes us feel inadequate.
Would you be ok with your lady orgasming over a guy who’s not only more attractive but has a bigger cock than you?
Would you not ask “am I not enough for her that she has to go and get herself off watching other men?”
Of course you would!
It’s human nature.
It WILL effect your relationship if your woman is struggling with feelings of rejection and inadequacy.
It will make her feel ugly and unattractive.
A womans mind is very much connected to her sexual organs.
A woman will not enjoy herself and be able to orgasm while wondering if your thinking of the woman in the porn that she came across in your web history.
A woman needs to feel she is number one.
That she is the only woman in the world to you.
A depressed insecure woman is not a horny woman and she WILL punish you for looking at another.
We can’t help it.
We are jealous emotional creatures.

And so you have it, five basic lessons which I hope enlighten you just a little as to where your sex kitten may have disappeared to and how to entice her back out to play.
Good luck you horny devils!



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