Lazy parenting and blaming children for thier bad behaviour

A friend of mine recently launched into a rant about her children and thier behavior, all parents at some time or another have had enough and the pressures of parenting get a little too much.
Having a moan about sleepless nights or noise isn’t a bad thing, we all feel it from time to time!
The thing that irritates me beyond belief is when parents can’t be arsed to discipline thier children properly then wonder why they become such little shits!
Take my friend as a classic example, now I love her dearly and she’s a lovely woman she really is but her son is probably the worst child I have ever come across in my life.
He lies, steals, argues, bullies and is generally a horrible little fucker.
My friend…… Refuses to acknowledge his bad behavior unless it is towards her personally.
This is where the moaning comes in.
She can’t understand why he did it/ said it/ stole it.
“what the hell is wrong with him?!” she exclaims.
Let me tell you dear friend….
You spoil him constantly, he wants it, he gets it.
You do not discipline him AT ALL.
You leave him to do what ever the hell he wants and do not set boundaries.
Your too busy with your phone texting the latest potential love interest to take an interest in your child, he is raised by the television and his Xbox.
Her excuse for this blatant lazy arse parenting?
“I’ve had 5 kids, im too tired after raising the other four”
Fuck off.
Did any of your children request thier birth into this world?
Did your son implant himself in your womb against your wishes?
Did you take the necessary precautions in order to not end up with a fifth child?
Did Satan himself come along and impregnate you with his evil seed?
No, no, no and no.
It is YOUR responsibility as a parent to put the effort into raising your child correctly.
It is not your child’s fault if he or she is badly behaved…. It is YOURS.
Rather than sitting and asking what is wrong with your children, ask yourself what am I doing wrong here?
There are of course cases where there are mental health issues, behavioural issues etc
My sisters son has ADHD, raising a child with such is fucking hard work!
She has managed, despite this, to raise a young boy who is now on the verge of his teens who is a polite, caring, lovely young man, sure he has his moments but all children do!
My point here is if my sister had the same attitude as my friend i.e im too tired to raise my kids properly, then her son would be bloody awful…. But he’s not. She has worked hard as a parent to enable him to be able to function in normal society as a decent young man who is liked and loved by many!
My friends son does not have such issues.
She is just lazy.
No parent is perfect and ALL of us get tired and stick our children infront of the tv sometimes!
Tiredness however is no excuse for neglecting your kids.
Your kids deserve a good upbringing, your kids deserve to be shown how to behave in this world, how to be courteous towards others, how to share, how to make friends and the general unspoken rules of how to act around other people. I feel it is actually rather cruel to spoil a child and let them get away with murder, those children will grow up expecting the outside world to be the same, they will find that it is not and that as a result people do not like them and they can’t get on in life and function on the most basic of levels in social situations.
Imagine my friends sons shock when he goes to high school and discovers there are in fact repercussions for bad behavior or if he is unable to make friends because he is spoilt, controlling and doesnt share.
Iv no doubt that my friend still won’t have a clue where his behavior stems from even then.
You owe it to your kids my dears to give them a good start in life.
You do indeed have to be cruel to be kind sometimes, you are not your child’s best mate, you are thier parent.



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